In a world full of logos, each struggling to be different and grab attention, it is rare for a simple color to be an instantly recognizable showcase that inspires the passion, history and performance of Bianchi's Celeste color.

Depending on the time and place in history, Celeste, the unique color of Bianchi, has evolved from the first inspiration by the pale blue skies of the Campionissimo Coppi era to the recent adaptations of turquoise and fluorescent green. In the sea of basic colors in the Pro Peloton or on the city street, a glance at the color of the Celesta is enough to know that you are looking at Bianchi - even from a distance the color of Celeste speaks by telling the story of Bianchi. , present and future.

Celeste is Bianchi, Bianchi is Celeste, both are indivisible. In the case of cycling tifos, the color itself evokes pure thoughts of history, heritage, passion, speed and, of course, victory. But why did Celeste and how did this unusual color become so famous?

The truth is, there are many truths about the origin of the Celeste color. Some are absolutely romantic, others are unwaveringly pragmatic. Could this be the simple version and the easiest way to believe that Celeste is a vision of the stunning clear skies of Milan, high above the Bianchi factory.

Cyclists claim that Edoardo Bianchi, the founder of the company, provided the bike and riding lessons to Regina Margherita of the Royal House of Savoia. Edoardo, mesmerized by the striking blue color of Her Majesty's eyes, chose the color of her eyes to match the color of his new Bianchi bike.

The Queen was so delighted with Edoardo's gift of a Celeste-colored Bianchi, some claim that she granted him the right to use the royal coat of arms as the Bianchi Logo, which has since appeared on the headstock of every Bianchi bike.

For some, this spell story is too quixotic. And here comes a more pragmatic story. In a market where the choice of colors was largely limited to black, Edoardo Bianchi delivered an unusual, iconic and long-lasting eye-catching color, having access to a ready-made stock of surplus military paint, in shades of light blue and light gray, and then blended. the paint was born the iconic color of Celeste Bianchi.

Why the name Celeste? From the Latin "Caelestis" which means heavenly or heavenly, the facts behind the choice of a name, such as the birth of the color itself, are lost in myths and legends.

There are threads of truth in all the stories, it is difficult to tell, because history is so often out of sight. The reality is that at Bianchi we are very proud to be known for both our color and our name. After all, at Bianchi we celebrate "Passione Celeste" because of the Italian history and the performance it defines. Every day, with every breath we take and every bike we make, Celeste is who we are.